Who We Are


Why Kingston Coventry?


Kingston Coventry harnesses unique expertise in the field of risk mitigation and business compliance strategies, internal investigations and monitoring, alternative dispute resolution and special master oversight, white-collar criminal defense, and commercial litigation.


Our prior professional experience running large prosecution offices and supervising hundreds of investigators and thousands of investigations gives us a broad understanding of the inner workings of investigations and the challenges faced by businesses and individuals in regulated environments.


Our partners have a combined 34 years of hands-on experience prosecuting and supervising thousands of complex criminal cases at the federal, state, and county levels throughout the nation.  We have tried scores of cases to verdict throughout the nation.


We are former executive leaders, having held a multitude of supervisory positions in state and federal government. We have represented the government domestically and abroad at anti-corruption conventions.


We have tactical experience implementing corporate compliance programs, risk-mitigation strategies, and disaster-preparedness initiatives at the highest levels of government in multiple states and jurisdictions.


We have supervised thousands of employees, negotiated million-dollar labor contracts, and overseen multi-million dollar business transactions.


Our prior judicial experience gives us unique insight into how judges approach cases and the methods necessary to resolve seemingly intractable disputes.


Our commitment to the military and extensive military experience equips us with the unparalleled ability to navigate domestic and international laws and disputes to protect our national security interests.  We have advised senior civilian officials and military professionals in anti-corruption training across the globe in fragile conflict regions, on behalf of both the United States Navy and the U.S. Department of Justice.


Kingston Coventry LLC is named after the streets where its founders were raised, to underscore that we’ve never forgotten our roots.